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Mesolux ST

About the Mesolux ST treatment

- It can be used not only on the face, but also on some parts of the body

Mesolux ST is a needle-free mesotherapy machine that uses light therapy at the same time as electroporation, thus creating a synergistic unit that strengthens the effectiveness of both techniques at the same time. This dual-system invasive active ingredient delivery system offers our guests a solution for most problems, from problem skin to sagging skin. With its help, the skin feels velvety, tight, soft, renewed and rejuvenated.

The treatment also provides a solution to more serious skin problems such as acne or rosacea. It reduces cellulite under the skin and normalizes strong sebum production. It fades scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, and the skin regains its original elasticity and firmness.

The device works with a special high-voltage electrical pulse. This function strengthens the defense capacity of the uppermost layer of the skin and also has a great effect on the sebaceous glands. The high-voltage polarity reversal results in a short-term pore opening, so the light rays entering the skin increase the permeability of the vessel walls and improve its microcirculation. With the help of the machine, extra nutrient intake and extra hydration can be carried out.

Mesolux's treatment heads of different sizes and types provide the opportunity to treat larger surfaces of the body and the scalp in addition to facial treatment. The different head units are designed according to the characteristics of the given area to be treated in order to achieve the most optimal result.

 1 treatment..........30.000 HUF
 4 treatment..........90.000 HUF