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LED light therapy

About the LED light therapy

- Award-winning technology developed by NASA and Harvard

We use the color wavelengths of visible light, which have special skin benefits. The LED emits therapeutic wavelength light energy to activate skin cells. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and antioxidants, improves blood and lymph circulation.

Red light
  • has a revitalizing and activating effect
  • stimulates and accelerates the skin's own collagen production
  • supports cell regeneration
  • activates oxygen supply to cells
  • increases microvascular blood flow
  • strengthens the connective tissue
Blue light
  • has a relaxing and calming effect
  • normalizes irritated skin
  • soothes allergic skin
  • reduces swelling
  • promotes intracellular information exchange
  • has an antimicrobial effect, especially for dirty and acne-prone skin
  • enhances metabolic functions and cell renewal
Green light
  • has a balancing and calming effect
  • strengthens the capillaries
  • helps to empty the poles
  • relieves dilated capillaries in couperose and rosacea
  • has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
 1 treatment..........15.000 HUF
 4 treatment..........45.000 HUF