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Facial treatment for men

About men's facial treatment

Men's face care is rarely talked about, even though men's skin also requires special care. Certain raw materials and face care products used on women's skin can have a very good effect on men's skin as well, but it is worth using face care products specially developed for the specific skin type in addition to them on a daily basis.

How does men's facial care differ from women's?
Because of the facial hair, of course!

Shaving may sometimes cause discomfort, but it also has benefits in terms of skin health, as the razor blade helps to remove microscopic dead skin cells. Thanks to testosterone, men's skin is simply thicker than women's, so other, more intensive active ingredients are needed for its care and cleaning.

Male hormones cause skin to produce more sebum, so it's typically oilier and more prone to breakouts than women's, so they need a moisturizer that's non-greasy and won't clog pores.

We also recommend our facial treatments in the Emyla beauty salon to our male guests. Our beauticians provide our male guests with home facial care tips suitable for their skin type, which can help a lot in preserving the health and youth of the skin.

 1 treatment..........30.000 HUF