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SlimFix Pro

About the Slim Fix Pro treatment

- Fat burning and muscle building without sweating
- Tightens the ABS, buttocks, legs and arms

SlimFix Pro X treatments are recommended for those who want to make larger muscle areas tighter and more toned. With the help of technology, especially aesthetic lines and tighter muscle areas can be formed.

The high-intensity focused electromagnetic, so-called HIFEM technology, uses the principles of magnetic stimulation. By applying rapidly changing magnetic fields, the machine causes muscle contractions in the tissue under the skin. Tests have shown its effectiveness in increasing muscle mass and fat loss. Since the HIFEM technology directly stimulates the muscles, it is one of the safest alternatives to the current buttock shaping procedures, and it also results in rapid changes in the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

On average, 6-8, but up to 10 suitable treatments can be used with the machine. Skin areas with a small excess weight, but which have already lost some of their flexibility, require the most treatments. Guests with less toned, cellulite skin can see the result spectacularly within a short time. The muscles that can be developed can be treated between the ages of 18 and 55, so we recommend the muscle stimulation treatment mostly to people in this age group. The results may differ due to different skin types and the degree of cellulite, but the eating and fluid consumption habits of individuals also matter a lot. Among the programs that can be chosen are, for example, the entry-level HIT, the strengthening Strength and the muscle-building Hipertrophy program.

 1 treatment..........30.000 HUF
 4 treatment..........90.000 HUF