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The newest skincare trends

08/05/2024 10:16
The newest skincare trends

It is our natural desire to look our best, and this applies not only to our inner self but also to our outer appearance. Beauty care is one of the most important ways to look after ourselves and maintain the health and beauty of our skin, hair and body. There are countless ways to pamper ourselves and enhance our beauty. From basic facial routines to specialised treatments, from simple hair care to stylish hairstyles and a variety of body care options, there are plenty of options in every area.

Cellulite Massage: Effective Tool for Shaping

Cellulite Massage is a special massage technique that targets cellulite. The massage treats the subcutaneous fat and connective tissues to improve circulation and metabolism. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, making the skin smoother and firmer. With cellulite massage, fluid flow will be faster and the body will more easily rid itself of excess water stored in cells and toxic substances that accumulate in the cells, helping to promote weight loss and shape.

Benefits of cellulite massage

  • Improves blood circulation: massage increases blood circulation, which can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin and tissues.
  • Stimulates lymphatic circulation: massage can help remove toxins from the body, improving lymphatic function.
  • Reduces water retention: massage can help remove excess fluid, which can reduce bloating and swelling.
  • Increases skin elasticity: regular massage can help improve skin firmness and elasticity, making the skin surface smoother.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite: massage can help break down subcutaneous fat, which can reduce the visibility of cellulite.

The use of cellulite massage can help to prevent the associated health problems caused by cellulite, such as lymphatic and venous circulatory disorders, obesity and all the conditions that go hand in hand.

Microneedling: renewing the skin with tiny needles

Microneedling is a skin care procedure that uses tiny needles to create microscopic holes in the skin. This stimulates the skin's own regenerative processes, which can result in improved skin texture, elasticity and appearance, and has a number of beneficial effects.

The procedure usually involves the use of a special instrument containing small needles. These needles break through the skin's surface, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Microneedling is often used to treat various skin problems such as scars, wrinkles, pigmentation problems and acne.

Aqua Facial: Freshness and Hydration for Skin

The Aquafacial treatment is a revolutionary skincare treatment that effectively cleanses, hydrates and regenerates the skin using a special hydro-dermabrasion technique. This procedure combines the benefits of classic exfoliation and skin rejuvenation treatments, while minimising irritation and downtime. By combining multiple treatment modalities, Aquafacial can help with a range of skin problems, including advanced signs of ageing. It eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, clears clogged pores, improves the condition of skin with rosacea, acne and scarring, repairs sun damage and helps maintain normal skin pigmentation.