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Lifting Eye & Face Red Light Therapy
Lifting Eye & Face Red Light Therapy
600 $

Lifting Eye & Face Red Light Therapy

Lifting Eye & Face Red Light Therapy
Lifting Eye & Face Red Light Therapy


The Emyla EMS Eye & Face Red Light Therapy is a high-end beauty care device that, among other things, fights fine lines and wrinkles with the combined power of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) micro-frequency, red LED light, constant-temperature, warming compression and high-frequency vibration massage. With long-term use of our device, you can effectively remove dark circles under the eyes and alleviate the problems of the skin around the eyes and face. EMS Red Light Therapy effectively restores skin elasticity and delays skin aging.

600 $

The high-frequency vibration massage and the heating effect at a constant temperature of 42°C together increase the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes and face, thereby relieving fatigue, removing dark circles and bags under the eyes, and speeding up the absorption of creams and other skin care products.

The red LED light and high-frequency vibration massage increase the microcirculation of the skin, making the device extremely energizing for the skin, thus effectively fading freckles and spots. Red LED light is also called bioactive light, because it accelerates cell growth processes, improves blood circulation and stimulates the skin’s collagen production, thus increasing the skin’s elasticity, resulting in a more even skin tone and healthier skin. The red LED light effectively combats wrinkles, soothes allergic skin symptoms and reduces the pain associated with sunburn.

The combination of EMS and red LED light has a firming effect on the skin. EMS directs microcurrent into the skin through the bioelectronics of the cells to promote collagen production, and also contributes to the detoxification of the lymphatic system, thus tightening the skin, making it more vibrant and smoother.

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